For the longest time, extortion has reared its ugly head in our society.

It comes in various forms, with one of them being that pop-up window that says that you'll be arrested unless you pay a large fine via the Green Dot MonkeyPak.

And of course, that's not the only form because there are others, such as those fraudulent sting operations where someone pretending to be a member of law enforcement threatens you with jail time unless you pay him or her via money gram. And the con artists who pose as members of law enforcement threaten you via calling your cell phone, which real members of law enforcement would never do. And to show how desperate they are with their heavy-handed tactics, they bring up "the judge" multiple times as a further measure of their fear mongering. And of course, this also happens over the phone.

Plus, there are two other forms of scam law enforcement practices, with one of them being you will be a registered sex offender for sending a naked picture of yourself unless you pay the person a sum of money in the neighborhood of four figures. Plus, they also threaten to send the picture for all of your friends and family to see. And the method where that fear tactic is conducted is via texting or Skype.

And of course the last of the scam law enforcement practices is getting calls from IRS scammers, or people who make you call a certain number or else your "case" will be processed into their court system. And the method that those happen in is via phone calls from a scammer that spoofs the number that they're calling from as a real number.

All four of the things mentioned above are all scams that have all gotten undeserved credence for the simple fact that just because it's "law enforcement" and that we have to comply with their bullshit tactics even if they're wrong.

However, the fucking people who conduct all of those aforementioned methods of fear mongering are not members of law enforcement, because members of law enforcement will come to you in person to apprehend you without notice instead of using the methods of calling, texting, or Skying the people that they intend to arrest. Instead, the people who such heinous shit are fucking scammers who get tempted by lifestyles of the rich and famous that are constantly being shown on TV.

Look, we all either want or have wanted what the rich and famous have, but there's a right way to go about it and a wrong way to go about it, and the way that those scamming motherfuckers are going about it is completely wrong. 

I'm not sure how common all of that shit is but it's not over unless we spread the word about it and toughen up against their fear mongering. But until all that happens, people will learn the hard, painful and scary way about all of those methods of extortion. It's time to put a stop to it.

© 2018 Art Infliction
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